This New App Makes You Healthier With Quizzes

Before you make any healthy New Year’s resolutions, we suggest you stop and download this free phone app first. Because while many of us might like to think we know a thing or two about how to be healthy, there’s actually a lot of wrong information available in the big, wide, digital world of #fitspo.

The app you need is called Hi.Q (short for Health IQ) and it’s available to iOS users. It tests how much you know about 300 health topics, while busting all the food, fitness and medical myths you’ve been too embarrassed to ask about out loud. Hi.Q operates on the simple (but kind of genius) logic that if you know more about your health, you can make better choices.

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Probably our favorite part of the app is its goal-setting function. Early on you’ll be asked to identify some objectives for 2015–maybe your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, reduce stress, or just simply eat better. Hi.Q will then prompt you to think harder about these topics. Do you specifically want more antioxidants in your diet? Are you aiming to walk 30 minutes every day, or just broadly build your flexibility? The goals you tick on the list could be small (eat more vegetables), or bigger (lose weight and lower blood pressure), and will determine the type of quizzes suggested to you.

hi q app

These mini exams have all been checked by qualified experts, so you know results are accurate and can really up your knowledge on classic medical stuff, like digestion, cancer prevention, dental, and drugs. There’s also plenty of really fun, interesting tests that will teach you about healthy ways to eat out, yoga, portion control, eating hacks, running tips, stretching, and calorie counting.

Interestingly, of the 250,000 users who tested the app, those with a higher Hi.Q score were less likely to be hospitalized than those with lower scores, which suggests developers might actually be on to something here.

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