How You Can Score Hero Cosmetics’ Acne Patches for Just $1 This Month

How You Can Score Hero Cosmetics’ Acne Patches for Just $1 This Month
Photo: ImaxTree

Whether you take excellent care of your skin or sometimes— read: most times— forget to take your makeup off before bed, pesky pimples are bound to pop up (and if they don’t, consider yourself the luckiest of the lucky). When they do appear, we sometimes get the urge to pop them. We already know this does more harm than good, so what are the alternative solutions? How about a handy-dandy, pimple patch that will only set you back $1 for shipping?

Since June is Acne Awareness Month, Hero Cosmetics, a newer, K-beauty-inspired skin care brand, is handing out samples of their trusted Mighty Patch for the next 30 days. 

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All you have to do is add the Mighty Patch sample to your cart, and you’ll get six patches delivered right to your door for a small shipping fee of $1. So, even if it’s cheap, does that mean you should try it? Yes. Using hydrocolloid, a fluid absorbing agent, the patches draw out pus and other impurities trapped under a whitehead.

To see the best results, Hero Cosmetics suggests wearing the patch on pimples that have pus in them or are starting to show signs that they might contain fluid. That way, when you apply the patch at night, the formula will have time to absorb fluid, leaving your spot reduced while speeding up the healing process.

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If this sounds up your alley, act fast because it’s one per customer and only while supplies last. TBH, I already got mine, and you really have nothing to lose, besides your sightly acne.