Heal Your Skin With Hemp While Binging This Web Series

Eva Medoff


After a long week sitting in an air-conditioned office, your skin (and sanity) could probably use a reboot. But what’s a millennial to do if she doesn’t have time for an hour-long facial and a (many hours long) Netflix binge? Glad you asked. With one moisturizing face treatment and one insanely addictive web series, you can get all of the R&R you need in under 20 minutes. Just add the secret ingredient: THC.

Himalayan Hemp Mud

Image via Amazon

You read that right. See, THC—yup, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis—is actually an antioxidant, which means it can help minimize fine lines and fight skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis. Pick up a tub of Himalayan Hemp Mud ($24.99 for 5.4 oz), which contains 25,000 antioxidants (including traces of THC), skin-plumping fatty acids (like Omega 3 and 6) and loads of vitamins (such as C, E and B6). Like most mud masks, it’ll draw out impurities and combat blemishes—but it’ll also lock in moisture to leave skin supple and soft. Slather on the raw, organic formula and zen out for the next 20 minutes. It won’t give you a contact high, but our next tip might.

As it dries, boot up your new favorite web series, High Maintenance. Following the adventures of a nameless Brooklyn pot dealer, each episode (ranging from five to 15 minutes) focuses on a different marijuana-seeking client. From a serial OKCupid user in Williamsburg (“Heidi”) to a snarky, Manhattan-dwelling BFF duo (“Olivia”), it’s like watching an indie comedy rolled up into an anthropology lesson. Bonus points if you can spot Dan Stevens (cousin Matthew from Downtown Abbey) or Yael Stone (Lorna from Orange is The New Black). You’ll crack up so hard your roommate will think you’re, well, stoned.

In the end, you’ll have glowy, moisturized skin and a 15-minute laughing session. How’s that for a weekend high?