Hello Yellow! Rosa Cha’s Bright Beauty Look

Hans Gutknecht
Rosa Cha - New York Fashion Week Spring 2010

Brighter days are clearly ahead if you take a cue from Rosa Cha’s Spring 2010 fashion show. A sheer wash of yellow shadow on the lids, a shiny coral polish on the nails, and a sunny orange head wrap made the models look sexy, sultry and ready for the beach. “This yellow shadow is really sheer, and when the rest of your skin tone looks very clean, the yellow comes to life without being overwhelming,” says makeup artist Phillipe Sadoun for MAC Cosmetics.

Rosa Cha - New York Fashion Week Spring 2010

Bright pieces of yellow, orange and green fabrics were wrapped around the girls heads, a la 1950’s starlet. “The shape is retro but the color is modern,” says hairstylist Edward Tricomi, co-founder of Warren-Tricomi Salons. Nails also stood out in coral. “The length is longer than usual and with a bright coral, the look is definitely sexy,” says Sam Dark for Dashing Diva.