We Tried Heidi Klum’s New Balance Workout Line: Here’s How It Went

Meghan Blalock

Model collaborations these days are a dime a dozen, but when we saw supermodel Heidi Klum’s cool designs for sportswear brand New Balance, we noticed something a bit different: the modern, abstract prints spoke to us not only as lovers of cute exercise gear (well, maybe not lovers, but at least semi-fans) but as lovers of style, too. The pieces seemed like they’d cross over from yoga to the real world, and we decided to give them a shot.

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Every Monday night in the StyleCaster office, we hold a free one-hour vinyasa yoga class for staffers and frequented by many of our editors (and taught by me!)  For this week’s class, six of us tried Heidi’s New Balance line—which consists of leggings, tanks, crop tops, T-shirts, sports bras, and (of course) sneakers—for the first time, taking on everything from warriors and chaturangas to trees and savasana in the garb. And the reviews are in: We really, really like the gear.

As someone with a lot of experience with yoga clothes, I have to say: Heidi’s stand up well to competitors like Lululemon and Athleta. The New Balance designs are made from high-quality fabrics that are breathable and just the right amount of slinky, which is definitely something you want when you’re in an activity that demands so much movement.

The only downside I can see: Heidi’s pieces lack a certain sturdiness you get with a brand-new piece from Lululemon. They’re just as comfortable and stretchy, but they don’t have that hefty feeling, the sense that you’re wearing a piece of clothing that will truly last you a long time. Then again—a pair of Lululemon leggings can run you $100 or more, and Heidi’s go for $75. (Still not chump change, but notably less.)

heidi klum workout gear

Photo: Rolando Robinson

We all agreed that the look of the clothes themselves got an A+. “Who can look at those bright colors and patterns and not be happy?” Beauty High associate editor Augusta Falletta (bottom, right) pointed out. “The fold-over top on the leggings is amazing, because I’m always worried about panty lines when I do yoga, but with those bottoms you really don’t get any. The top and sports bra hugged exactly where I needed to be hugged, and were loose exactly where I needed them to be loose so there’s no stomach shame at the gym.”

“I love the clothes and it was fun team building to be in the same outfit together,” features director Samantha Lim (bottom, left) said after class.

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The best part: after class, as we all went our separate ways, most of us (if not all!) chose to keep our Heidi x New Balance gear on before heading outside. The mint-green printed leggings were especially a hit—I paired them with a beaded J.Crew sweater before I headed out, threw on my coat, and called it a night.

Heidi’s line, which ranges from a reasonable $40 to $120, is available now on NewBalance.com. And if yoga isn’t your thing, fear not: the pieces are made for everything from running to spinning to (yes) going to the grocery store on the weekend. Check out a few more of her favorite pieces below!

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