TikTok-Viral Heatless Curlers Are Everywhere—But These 4 Stylers From Amazon Are The Best

TikTok-Viral Heatless Curlers Are Everywhere—But These 4 Stylers From Amazon Are The Best
Photo: Courtesy of TikTok.

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Nowadays it seems as though everyone has got their hands on the famous Dyson Airwrap. The hair styling tool has quickly skyrocketed in sales due to the thousands (and growing) of how-to tutorials on TikTok; resulting in everyone recreating Matilda Djerf-like wavy locks. It’s not hard to see why everyone is obsessed with the volumized hairdo that mimics that of a chic ’90s supermodel—its timelessness and sense of effortless elegance are unmatched. However, for the lot of us who don’t yet have our hands on the Dyson Airwrap or just would rather save a cool $600 to purchase other items on our Spring wishlist, there are many alternatives and dupes available online that will aid in your quest to bouncy hair galore—and I’ve found a few that don’t ever require applying heat to your hair.

Part of the allure to the viral Dyson tool is that it aims to be a healthier alternative than minimizes hair damage for those who style their hair often. For someone like myself who is always on the go and has decidedly thin flat hair, this is a non-negotiable on my checklist.

While the Dyson might be a better way of styling your hair, it does still use heat to lock your curls in place. But what if I told you that there was a way of making your hair perfectly fluffed without even using a hairstyling tool? Wild, I know, and I, too, had my doubts about this so-called hair wizardry, but after saying multiple videos on my FYP showing the girlies trying out these heatless hair curlers that work while you sleep, I was hooked. Simply wrap your hair around the curling rod before you go to sleep and bam—wake up to your dream hair. It really is that simple.


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The best part about this hack? Instead of paying hundreds of dollars, even the best heatless curlers on the market will ring up to be less than $50. I love a good “I woke up like this moment,” whether it be your supple, fresh skin glowing that morning after your beauty rest or having magazine cover-worthy hair. And if you’re worried about it interrupting your beauty sleep due to it being uncomfortable, many shoppers have actually assured everyone that it doesn’t both them at all! There are many options available, so we browsed through them all to find the best-rated and top-reviewed ones that will provide a gorgeous, effortless hairdo.

amazon heatless hair curler

Courtesy of Amazon.

Silk Curling Headband

When you have the option to go silk, always go with silk. There are so many proven benefits in investing in a silk pillowcase to rest your head on throughout the night and prevent breakage. This silk headband will get the job done and protect your mane. All you have to do is wrap your locks around it—wet or dry—and give the brilliant design a few hours to work its magic. Once you take the headband off, you’ll be mystified by the results.

“Best $10 I’ve EVER spent!!” wrote one five-star reviewer. So easy to use. For reference, I have mid-back long thick and coarse hair that usually does not style easily but this was so easy to use and efficient. I’ve made all my friends and family get one. It holds so well I am very impressed.”

amazon heatless hari curler

Courtesy of Amazon.


Trust me, I know this looks ridiculous but if it helps you achieve your hair goals, does it really matter?! After all, the only person who will see this will be you, your significant other if you have one, and possibly, your pets. But they all should love you—and not judge you—anyway!

Instead of sitting atop your head like the above option, this pick acts as a headband and wraps around your head , you then wrap sections of your hair in eight separate pieces. Shoppers say it “works wonders” at crafting flawless locks.

“Worth every penny! I am a hairstylist and am very picky about how I wear my hair. I HATE split ends, but I love to have styled hair and the Octocurl has made it possible for me to have my cake and eat it too!” wrote one expert reviewer. “My hair doesn’t hold a curl well with a curling iron and I usually have to touch it up daily, which causes split ends and makes it challenging to grow my hair out long. However, if I let my hair dry completely in the Octocurl then my curls will last for days.”

amazon heatless hair curler

Courtesy of Amazon.

Hair Curlers Styling Kit

In this kit, you’ll receive 30 pieces of hair curlers that come in six cute colors. You’ll also get one set of styling hooks. To use these, you’ll want to put the hook on the crochet, hook it to your hair and then pull it through. The end result is pretty cooky, given that your hair is completely covered by the curlers. But when you take them out, you’ll see beautifully styled locks.

“I love these for perfect air-dried beach waves,” wrote one reviewer. “Putting them in only takes about 20 minutes compared to a couple of hours curling my hair with a waver. When I wake up, I pull the curlers out and scrunch with an oil treatment. Curls last for several days which I love.”

amazon heatless curler

Courtesy of Amazon.

Orgrimmar Magic Hair Curlers 

If you are looking for tighter curls, look no further—this one is your girl. It works similarly to the above option but provides a better curl if you’re wanting to make more of a statement. Plus, it works with all hair types, just make sure you get the one that is meant for your specific hair length!

“They are surprisingly comfortable, I slept in mine overnight,” explained one shopper. “And the curls are amazing ! I’ve had long hair all my life and have been looking for a way to do heatless curls that I can use. I’ve tried everything and by far this is the best heatless curls I’ve ever gotten.”