Hearty Hair: 3 Ways to Thicken Thinning Hair

Hearty Hair: 3 Ways to Thicken Thinning Hair
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Whether you like it or not, you’re probably going to experience some form of hair loss in your life. The good news? There are ways to help slow hair loss, delay thinning, and repair breakage from over-processing, using heat styling tools too frequently, stress, hormones, and coloring hair—just to name a select few common culprits. The best way to reduce and prevent thinning hair actually starts at the scalp.

Investing in a scalp serum is a good place to start your regrowth journey. If your hair loss is a result of chemical treatment of heat damage, you’ll want to add a protein-rich hair condition with a healthy balance of both protein and hydrating ingredients to restructure damaged strands and add hydrating to dry ends (when your ends are dry, they’re more prone to breakage). Hair oils are also a great option, and they can be applied before using your flat iron or hair tool of choice to guard against heat-related breakage. Of course, you’ll want to choose a formula infused with a healthy dose of antioxidants, fatty acids, and lipids to promote better overall hair health.

Although results vary for each individual, these topical and oral treatments contain ingredients shown to help improve thinning hair. See below to check out some of our favorite anti-thinning antidotes for a fuller set of locks.

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1. Effective Products for Adding Volume to Thin Hair

STYLECASTER | Products for Thinning Hair | Arvazallia Fortifying Protein Hair Mask


The Arvazallia Hair Mask is infused with argan and macadamia oil to offer a professional-level hair treatment. It works to strengthen hair that has been over-processed or bleached by combating dryness, brittleness and overall damage. It also includes an exclusive protein therapy formula to rebuild hair follicles.

2. Nourish Beaute Vitamins Hair Loss Conditioner

STYLECASTER | Products for Thinning Hair | Nourish Beaute Vitamins Hair Loss Conditioner


This Nourish Beaute conditioner is a doctor recommended, anti-hair loss product, which has been shown to produce 60% less hair loss in clinical trials. Using patented organic ingredients, this effective conditioner can help manage hair thinning and alopecia.

3. Rejuvinate Organics Hair Treatment

STYLECASTER | Products for Thinning Hair | Rejuvenate Organics Hair Rejuvenation Treatment


This rejuvenating hair oil is made from 100% natural ingredients and has been proven to reverse hair thinning by working with the body’s natural immune system to restore shine and strength to your hair and scalp. This oil is filled with antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins to give improved volume and increase hair growth.