Hearst Corporation Announces New Online Beauty Site


Everyone says that print is dying, so what is Hearst gonna do about it? Jump on the online bandwagon, of course. This fall, the powerful media company plans to launch an online, all-encompassing beauty destination that will compete with sites like Glam Media and Elle‘s newest expansion of their website, Video Star.

The new site is named RealBeauty, which we find a bit boring and overdone, but at least it will appeal to a mass market. Besides featuring articles on everything from hair and beauty products to tips on nutrition and wellness (sleep-deprivation makes for a fugly next day, no?), RealBeauty.com boasts some innovative ideas that will, well Hearst hopes, will set them apart from the pack.

“The Beauty Book” will be a toolbar that offers advice and beauty tips to users based on their personal profiles, and “Beauty Circles” will allow members of the site to chat and swap advice with other people who share similar beauty interests like dealing with frizzy hair, or finding the best foot cream. Okay, we made the foot cream forum part up, but hey, for some people this is a deep concern.

RealBeauty.com officially launches in November, but click here and sign up to be the first to know about updates with the site.

[New York Observer]