Beauty Buzz: 13 Healthy Lunch Ideas, The History of Hair Dye, More

Rachel Adler
Healthy salad

Annabelle Breakey/Getty

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1. One beauty editor confesses to shaving her face – and why it’s the best thing she’s ever done for her skin. [Popsugar Beauty]
2. It’s that time of year ladies and gents – flu season. Learn how to disguise your pesky symptoms with these tricks. [Daily Makeover]
3. Made a diet resolution and not sure how to stick to it?  Here are 13 healthy lunch ideas that don’t suck. [StyleCaster]
4. Want to know what perfume you need based on your zodiac sign? Of course you do. [Byrdie]
5. The long history of hair dye – and slightly terrifying one at that. [The Atlantic]