Healthy Hair Tips: How to Revive Your Damaged Locks

Rachel Adler

I tend to change my hair on a whim– for instance, when I graduated from college, I chopped ten inches off. Later, I broke up with my college boyfriend and, of course, needed another drastic change– so I dyed my hair from blond to brown. As I took these extreme measures, I had to be careful to maintain the health of my hair by giving it the care it needed.

To this day, I continue to change my ‘do whenever the mood strikes– this weekend, I’m going to dye it blond (again). However, I also religiously get trims to keep split ends at bay, and fit in moisturizing treatments to combat regular use of hot styling tools.

Below is a list of ways to keep your hair healthy– even if you blow dry it, straighten it, and color it frequently– like so many of us do.

1. Don’t overly wash your hair
Shampooing every day doesn’t help your hair– it actually harms it. While you think you may be cleaning your strands, you’re actually stripping them of their natural oils and drying out your scalp. Instead, try to wash your hair every two or three days. On the off days, rinse with water only. If your hair starts to look greasy, use Ojon Rub Out Dry Cleanser on the roots.

2. Use an ionic dryer

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Ionic hair dryers are safer for your hair because they use negative ions (which break up water molecules faster) and cancel out hair-damaging positive ions. Plus, your hair drying time is cut in half– saving you precious moments in the morning. Try the Sultra Sophisticate Power Dryer (used in multiple Fall runway shows) for a healthier blow dry.

3. Eat right
A balanced diet affects more than just your body– it plays an important role on your hair health as well. Make sure your diet is high in iron and protein. Dark green veggies, salmon, beans, nuts, and whole grains will leave you with healthy, shiny hair (plus, they’re also packed with beneficial omega-3s).

4. Use a natural boar bristle brush
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The brush you use can play a big role in your hair’s health. A brush with boar bristles (sounds weird, but it works miracles) distributes your hair’s natural oils throughout each strand. So toss out that plastic brush– it’s time for an upgrade. Try the Mason Pearson Natural Boar Bristle Brush.

5. Get regular trims

If you’re anything like my co-worker (and desk buddy) Janice Chou, then split ends are your worst enemy. But, picking up your scissors and cutting them (in the office, at your computer) will not deter these suckers. Most desk scissors don’t have sharp enough ends, so unfortunately, you are simply creating more split ends. Instead, get yourself to your local salon and into the hands of a professional– their sharp shears will get rid of all of your split ends, and have your hair looking and feeling healthier in no time.

6. Use color protective products
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When you highlight or dye your hair, you are damaging it in the process. Harsh chemical treatments tend to dry out your locks– which color protective products aim to reverse by minimizing dryness and locking color in. A great color protective product is Matrix Biolage Colorcaretherapie Shampoo.

7. Deep condition once every two weeks
A deep conditioning treatment is a great way to revive your strands after weeks of styling and stress from blow dryers, straightening irons, and curling irons. Deep conditioning strengthens your strands and revives your hair, making it shiny and healthy. Frederic Fekkai’s Hair Mask with Shea Butter is a great option– it smells great and softens hair with the help of macadamia oils and shea butter.

8. Use the right hair accessories
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Hair accessories are huge this spring– but make sure you’re using the right clips and headbands to add a little something to your style. Some accessories can actually damage your hair by breaking strands. For instance, smaller barrettes can pull hair out. Instead, try claw clips or elastics like Goody’s Ouchless Hair Elastics in Colour Collection (which also blend in with your hair color).

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