Beauty Buzz: 10 Healthy Foods That Can Make You Fat, L’Oreal Paris’ New App, More

Rachel Adler
Junghee Choi/iStock 360

Junghee Choi/iStock 360

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1. Looking for a waterproof mascara as you head into summer? Here are the 10 best. [Teen Vogue]

2. L’Oreal Paris is launching an app in June that will let you try on their products virtually before purchasing – plus, the “Makeup Genius” even shows you how the products look as you move around in them. [The Cut]

3. Find out what ingredients you need for your most relaxing bath ever. [Daily Makeover]

4. Kesha stunned at the Billboard Music Awards the other night, mainly due to her toned-down makeup look and soft pastel hair. [Glamour]

5. Thinking about slimming down for bikini season? These “healthy” foods are actually not so great for you. [StyleCaster]