14 Instagram Accounts All (Mostly) Healthy Foodies Should Follow

Rachel Krause

Last time we checked, there was no shortage of amazing-looking burger and cake photos on Instagram. But if you’re a healthy foodie, then you know that fruits and veggies don’t get as much love on the social network (in fact, a recently launched website tracked how many times each food-related word was mentioned in a hashtag—and healthy foods were woefully underrepresented). While you can’t do much about that on a macro level (beyond posting pics of your own nutritious eats), you can change the composition of your feed by following these accounts, which are consistently filled with gorgeous photos of good-for-you foods.

For two decades, Amy Crawford suffered from a mysterious “virus” that would leave her in bed for days. Then, in 2011, she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.  To treat her condition, Amy stopped eating processed foods, sugar, chemicals, gluten, caffeine, and alcohol. Photos like this one of vegan banana berry pancakes with coconut yogurt make her wholesome eating plan look positively indulgent.

The photos posted by David Frenkiel, a vegetarian dad and food blogger, will make you want to sprint to the farmer’s market right this second.

Sarah Britton, the blogger behind My New Roots, is a holistic nutritionist who hates labels like “vegan” or “macrobiotic eater.” “They force a person to define themselves with very rigid terms and beat themselves up if they suddenly eat something that doesn’t fit that definition,” she says. We dare you to look at her gorgeous photos of mostly organic meals and snacks and not hit “follow” immediately.

Back in 2008, Angela Liddon started the blog Oh She Glows to write about recovering from her eating disorder. Now, having fully recovered, she’s the author of a vegan cookbook. You’ll love seeing all of her gorgeous recipes—like this veggie brown rice noodle bowl with homemade teriyaki sauce—in your feed.

R.D.-in-training Caitlyn Elf, the blogger behind Cait’s Plate, is the queen of taking fat- and sugar-packed dishes and coming up with calorie-conscious, nutrient-packed versions—all while making them look food porn-worthy. These whole-wheat tortilla, black bean, corn, and sweet potato quesadillas topped with Greek yogurt are proof.


We’re a total sucker for cute baby pictures and snapshots of amazing-looking whole foods—and Sara Forte, a new mom and the blogger behind Sprouted Kitchen, offers both.

This Nashville-based R.D. knows how to make fruits and veggies look good. You can find all of her recipes on her blog, Nutrition Stripped.


My Nguyen, of My Healthy Dish, keeps photo evidence of all the nutritious foods she feeds her kids—and the unique ways she tries to make it fun for them. Take, for example, her banana fro-yo in dark chocolate bowls. Definitely an idea worth trying at home.

Leave it to an epidemiologist slash runner slash lifter slash climber to add one more slash to her hybrid title: amazing photographer. Everything Jocelyn Weiss, of An Unprocessed Life, posts is simple yet beautiful—including this flatbread with avocado, cilantro pesto, and tahini.

Allergen-friendly foods have never looked as appetizing as when Caitlin Cooper, a certified holistic nutrition and health coach, makes them. She recently underwent spine surgery and has been using food to aid her recovery. Read more about her take on healing foods on her blog, Transform Your Food.

Ella Woodward started blogging after being diagnosed with postural tachycardia syndrome in September 2011, when she had to overhaul her entire diet. “I literally never ate fruit or vegetables before,” she writes on her blog, Deliciously Ella. Now, they’re the basis of her diet. “Eating this way has allowed me to take control of my illness, stopping the constant pain, restoring my energy and giving me my life back again,” she says. And they look pretty, to boot!

Gotta love a 15-year-old who’s into green smoothies! Izzy Rael runs the gorgeous food blog Common Comfort, and many of the unbelievable photos from the site end up on her Instagram account.

This account is dedicated to salads, but they’re not just any salads. David Bez, the author of Salad Love: How to Create a Lunchtime Salad, Every Weekday, in 20 Minutes or Less, is the genius behind this page, which offers daily salad inspiration (like this passion fruit, carrot, goat cheese, cashew nuts, mint, and red cabbage creation).

Kasia Hrecka is a health coach and has a Ph.D. in biochemistry—but what really impresses us is her ability to make collard greens look this crave-able.

*This story was originally published on WomensHealth.com by Giselle Castro.

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