20 Delicious #DetoxWater Recipes From Instagram

detox water recipePhoto: @grettarose

You’ve probably noticed #DetoxWater in your feed lately: It’s the fresh, healthy hashtag taking over Instagram at the moment–and it’s the only thing we want to drink this Spring (cocktails excluded, natch.)

Unlike some health trends (ahem, bone broth) detox water is refreshingly easy to make yourself, and takes about two minutes to put together. It’s all about infusing water with tasty fruit and herbs to concoct what’s essentially cordial for grownups, and the options are virtually limitless.

Here’s a taste of some of 20 delicious #detoxwater ideas that you can make—and then Instagram–yourself.

1. Raspberry and apple

raspberry and apple detox waterPhoto: @yumezakka

2. Watermelon

watermelon detox waterPhoto: @yumezakka

3. Blueberry and raspberry

detox water ideasPhoto: @eecederholm

4. Pomegranate and mint

detox waterPhoto: @car0linesvensson

5. Orange, strawberry, and mint

detox water ideaPhoto: @detoxwater

6. Lemon

lemon detox waterPhoto: mathieutremblay_

7. Mango, strawberry, and blueberry

fruit detox waterPhoto: @stefaniegoldmarie 

8. Raspberry

raspberry detox waterPhoto: @fashionismylifeestefania

9. Strawberry and mint

strawberry and mint detox waterPhoto: @yumezakka

10. Blueberry, mint, cucumber, acai

acai detox waterPhoto: See Want Shop

11. Blueberry

blueberry detox waterPhoto: @mathias__thalmann

12. Lemon, strawberry, kiwi fruit, and mango

detox water ideasPhoto: @grettarose

13. Cucumber and lemon

cucumber and lemon detox waterPhoto: @detoxwater

14. Orange, grape, blueberry, lime, lemon, and raspberry

detox water ideaPhoto: @detoxwater

15. Lemon and lime

detox waterPhoto: @ausfitnessblogger

16. Pineapple

pineapple detox waterPhoto: @detoxwater

17. Cucumber, apple, raspberry, peach, grape, tea

detox waterPhoto: @Yumezakka

18. Passionfruit

passionfruit detox waterPhoto: @seewantshop

19. Cucumber, lime, apple, mint

detox waterPhoto: @yumezakka

20. Grapefruit and mint

grapefruit and mint detox waterPhoto: @missveganbunny

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