Healthy Alternatives to Summer Drinks


When it comes to summer drinking, there’s nothing worse than feeling full and bloated after a couple of beers. On the flip side, there’s really nothing better than the buzz from a refreshing poolside cocktail, cute cabana boy not included. Thankfully the clever minds in the liquor industry are two steps ahead of us and have concocted a fresh crop of sprits that not only keep you feeling good, but are actually good for you as well.

This new range of libations includes everything from those with organic ingredients, to ones infused with super foods, to those that provide the simplest solution- lower calories. Whether you are looking to drink something gluten-free, 100% organic, or a drink that does double duty by helping to lower your cholesterol, this selection has something to suit your needs.

One of our favorite new liquors, TY KU, has managed to solve both sides of the problem- too little nutrition and too many calories. Based around soju, a low calorie Asian vodka, TY KU is infused with antioxidant rich yuzu, mangosteen, goji berry, honeydew, green tea, and ginseng. The blend of superfruits gives the alcohol a crisp citrus taste that mixes to perfection. The liquor itself is only 72 calories, but for a delicious drink that is only 88 calories, try a TY-tini. Mix 1.5 OZ of TY KU premium liqueur with ¾ oz. Citrus Vodka, a splash of lime, and a splash of soda, and serve chilled.
If fruity and summery isn’t exactly your thing, there are great new spirits that incorporate amazing super food ingredients agave and acai. Agave has garnered a lot of attention lately, because unlike sugar or sugar substitutes, it does not create a spike in your blood sugar. Recent findings also show that the juice from the blue agave plant aids in weight loss and it also claims to lower cholesterol. You may already be familiar with the blue agave plant; it’s distilled to create tequila.

Tanteo Tequila incorporates agave in exciting and delicious ways never before seen (think chocolate and jalapeño flavored premium tequila). Don’t be afraid to drink it on its own (shots anyone?), but if drinks are more your thing, try using the jalapeño flavor in your next margarita for a spicy kick.

4Copas also offers an impressive range of organic 100% blue agave tequilas. Their range includes pure white tequilas, aged tequilas, and those aged in oak barrels. 4Copas also participated in the 28th Annual Sea Turtle Symposium. For the event, they created a special sea turtle bottle, a great way to give back to a worthy cause.

You’ve already heard about it being loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, but acai is also on the up and up. Now new brand VeeV has taken acai, as well as the rare prickly pear and acerola cherry, and distilled them to create a delicious spirit billed as your new “vodka replacement.” If you aren’t familiar, acerola cherry happens to contain the most Vitamin C of any fruit, which makes it 30 times more heart healthy than red wine.

For the times when there really is no substitute for vodka (like when you get that craving for a dirty martini, extra olives please), there is an ever-growing selection of organic vodkas. Celeb supporters Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom, and Penelope Cruz drink Square One Vodka, made from 100% American Rye.

Rain Vodka is another organic option. This 80 proof vodka is made from organically grown white corn, with every bottle being USDA approved. It also comes in unique flavored versions such as Cucumber Lime, Honey Mango Melon, Red Grape Hibiscus, and Lavender Lemonade. Nothing says summer quite like a Cucumber Lime vodka tonic.

For the classicist in you, the old standard St-Germain is actually known for having 30% less sugar than similar liquors. To make a St-Germain signature cocktail, mix 2 shots of Champagne, 1 ½ shots St-Germain, and 2 shots of sparkling water. Stir in a tall ice-filled glass and garnish with a lemon twist.

Next time you take a sip, make sure to cheers to health.

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