News: Hayden Panettiere’s Beauty Routine; The Best Eyelash Curling Tips

Rachel Krause
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Photo: Getty Images

“Nashville” star Hayden Panettiere rocks a full-face of makeup on each episode, but when the cameras stop rolling, the actress is all about a natural, holistic beauty routine. [People]

If you’re already familiar with the low-key, apothecary-inspired Kiehl’s motif, you may be shocked by the color of the brand’s first nail polish. [NY Mag]

We don’t know why even the biggest sriracha fan would spring for this sriracha-inspired beauty product, but we have a feeling that someone, somewhere, will prove us wrong. [Yahoo]

An eyelash curler is a necessity—check out these tips and tricks for getting the best possible curl every time. [Beauty High]