Has the Vajazzling Trend Taken a Turn for the Feathers?

Emma Sayles

The feather trend was fun while it lasted but we think its time has passed. But it would appear NY Housewife Cindy Barshop, who owns a NY waxing salon called Completely Bare, is holding on for dear life to the feather fashion. Barshop has decided the best way to incorporate the feather trend is down there.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw one of her creations called The Foxy. It leaves the bikini line waxed bare and substituted with real fox fur. Of course the fur comes in many colors, including pink. The next option is the Carnivale Bikini, that makes the pubic region decorated with parrot colored feathers. And the price to inflict this feathered and fur mess on your pubic area? A cool $195 with an additional $30 for The Foxy.

All we can say is please, please, please C.B. step away from the feathers, and fast.


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