I’ve Been Waiting My Whole Life to Smell Like Harry Styles & Gucci

I’ve Been Waiting My Whole Life to Smell Like Harry Styles & Gucci

Can you picture it: a brand new, age-defying product that gives us both the comfort of the past as well as the excitement of the future? Well you don’t have to, because it’s here, humbly (yet courageously) presented to us by the fashion world’s favorite power couple. That’s right, Harry Styles and Gucci are launching a fragrance. The universal new scent aims to transcend both gender and time while being the perfect statement product to represent Alessandro Michele’s contemporary vision of being timeless, youthful, funky and totally desirable.

Traditional fashion and beauty products have long defined themselves within strict boundaries–by gender, of season, of occasion. But through time we have witnessed evolutionary breakthroughs within the industry where visionaries strive to move forward from the classic and comfortable ways of the past and into a broad, diverse future.

Gucci’s new Mémoire d’une Odeur scent was just announced on the brand’s Instagram page. I can’t stop swooning over the fact that my favorite British heartthrob and style icon, Harry Styles, has been named the man of House Gucci, leading the luxury brand into a new era. In addition to Styles, Gucci’s Mémoire d’une Odeur campaign army will consist of an eclectic and universal mix of personalities who attended the Cruise 2020 fashion show at the Capitoline Museums, including Harris Reed (designer), Zumi Rosow (designer and musician), Ariana Papademetropoulos (artist), Stanislas Klossowski de Rola (actor and musician), Olimpia Dior (artist) and Leslie Winer (model and musician). The noticeable diversity in style and personality among this chosen crowd of people artistically paints the image of their newest drop, letting the people know that the scent is simply made for anyone and everyone.

With Gucci preparing to bless us all with another drool-worthy campaign and product, we are all impatiently waiting at the edge of our seats to join Harry and the 2019 Gucci tribe as the fragrance will finally be available for purchase in August. The brand is staying mum on what this magical elixir actually smells like, but I imagine it has to be pretty f*cking hot. If the suspense is just too hard to handle-–an exclusive Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur filter will be available on the Gucci App as well as dedicated GIFs inspired by the campaign on Instagram. Although I may have a slight grudge against Gucci for making me wish my summer away before its even started, I’m confident that smelling like Harry Styles is plenty worth it.