You Need to Watch This Beauty Vlogger Apply Makeup With a Hardboiled Egg

You Need to Watch This Beauty Vlogger Apply Makeup With a Hardboiled Egg
Photo: ImaxTree

Sigh. That’s all we can really do right now—sigh—because the whole makeup-hack thing has officially gone too far. First, in a weird effort to ditch makeup sponges (why can’t we just keep loving and using our BeautyBlenders, guys?!), the internet tried substituting in some silicone boob pads, which was a bust. Then, for a brief, terrifying moment, sponges wrapped in condoms hit the scene. And now, the world has moved onto a more impractical and deeply unhygienic tool: hardboiled eggs. Yup.

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Over the weekend, the internet kind of freaked out over a video of a beauty blogger blending foundation and concealer over his skin with a hardboiled egg. “Oh my gosh—this is actually working really, really well,” says vlogger Nadi of the channel Pop Luxe. “It feels like a really cold SiliSponge, but it smells like sewage, so that’s a turnoff.” As he stipples and rubs the egg over his skin, tiny bits of egg crumble and fall over his face (gross), but Nadi was undeterred: He excitedly cries, “I am all up in my eye crevice with no issue!”

He then proceeds to use the egg to apply concealer, setting powder, eyeliner, and eyeshadow—even using the tip of the egg to create a subtle cut-crease and contour. “It could be much worse,” he says, staring at his finished reflection. And, somehow we agree with him, because his makeup actually looks pretty passable. Not good, mind you, but passable. Still, we feel the need to remind you that THIS IS A FREAKING EGG. Please do not use an egg in any form to do your makeup.

Though we’re 99.99-percent sure that Nadi made this video as a comment on the entire hack movement, he executes it so convincingly that it’s hard not to see the joke as a real tutorial. In fact, we’re pretty positive that at least a few thousand fans at home will try this on themselves, and we hate the idea of that. Still, watch the video if you need a good Monday afternoon laugh: It’s hilarious and gross all at the same time. Just promise us you’ll stick to a sponge or brush next time you do your face, OK? Thanks.

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