Health Secrets From Fitspo Sensation Hannah Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman Instagram Photo

Photo: Hannah Bronfman

With a hefty Instagram following of nearly 170,000, a DJ career spinning at some of the most exclusive events across the globe, a successful fitness blog called HB Fit, and a budding beauty app, Hannah Bronfman is the ultimate new age entrepreneur.

Her business success and social media prowess would explain why the fitspo sensation has just been announced as a panelist at Chicago’s Create and Cultivate, a conference for female entrepreneurs in the digital space taking place this August. “I’ll be talking about wellness and social media, and I’m so excited to be a panelist this year,” Bronfman told us. But before she takes to the Create and Cultivate stage, Bronfman took some time out to talk about wellness and social media with us, breaking down her daily food and fitness diary, and her latest Instagram and health app obsessions.

Hannah Bronfman Instagram Photo

Photo: Hannah Bronfman

For breakfast I had… A kale and spinach smoothie.

For lunch I had… A salad.

For dinner I had… Grilled chicken and vegetables.

Today I snacked on… Almonds.

My go-to healthy drink is… Chocolate protein smoothie.

Hannah Bronfman Instagram Photo

Photo: Hannah Bronfman

The one thing I would never eat is… McDonalds.

My favorite workout is… A dance cardio class with good hip hop.

My guilty pleasure food is… French fries.

The next big health and fitness trend will be… Wearable tech activewear.

My favorite healthy restaurant is… Souen or Cafe Gratitude.

My favorite healthy snack is… Nourish popular snacks.

Three songs I’m listening to at the gym today are… RICO by Drake and Meek Mil, Lean On by Diplo and DJ Snake featuring MO, Good Vibes by Jamie XX

The fitness blogs I always read are… Bandier and Mind Body Green.

I’m obsessed with following… Amanda Bisk and Tash Oakley on Instagram.

Hannah Bronfman Instagram Photo

Photo: Hannah Bronfman

The three ingredients you’ll always find in my kitchen are… Avocados, coconut meat, and almond butter.

My biggest health tip for travelers is to… Bring probiotics and take one before you go.

My signature healthy dish is… Avocado and cucumber tossed with a bit of coconut amino acid and sesame seed oil.

The health app I couldn’t live without is… Hippie Lane Dessert app.

To see Hannah Bronfman on the panel at Create and Cultivate, step this way.

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