PSA: You Need the New Fitness App from Instagram Model Hannah Saul

hannah saul PSA: You Need the New Fitness App from Instagram Model Hannah SaulPhoto: Tane Coffin

I’ve been a fan of Instagram influencer, fitness blogger, and model Hannah Saul for some time now (here’s some proof of that!). Based in Sydney, Australia, the 25-year-old beauty is earning a rep as one of Instagram’s buzziest fitspo stars, all while scoring gigs as the face of major Aussie brands, including Jets Swimwear and Lorna Jane Active. Now she has another title to add to her list of achievements: entrepreneur.

Saul just launched her fitness app, HANxFIT, offering users daily workout ideas, focusing mostly on body-weight circuits you can do just about anywhere (read: no gym equipment necessary). As someone who struggles to make it from my apartment to the gym during winter, I’ll just say her launch came at a very opportune time.

After downloading the app (it’s available for iOS and Android right now), you will instantly be presented with a bunch of options including body-weight workouts, gym workouts, kettlebell routines, and exercises that target your abs, butt, and thighs (necessary). Yes, this app is impressively well-stocked.

“The app is usable no matter where you want to train. It features body weight, gym, core, and kettlebell workouts, and I have options suitable for all fitness levels,” Saul told us.

Han x FitPhoto: Han x Fit

For anyone considering hitting the download button on this new app, here’s my experience: I started by exploring the only free option, body weight training. Next, I was given the option to pick my fitness level (intermediate, I guess) and was presented with a page of 10 exercises targeting mostly the legs, butt, and abs. Each move is perfectly explained with photos, instructions, and even a video to make sure you can execute the exercise without any issues. I was pretty impressed, and after testing out the first free workout, will happily pony up the $3.99 to try the next level, body weight pro.
Intrigued? Step this way to download HANxFIT for free now—it’s kind of like a free personal trainer in your pocket.