The Unexpected Way Halsey Uses Her YSL Lip Stain

The Unexpected Way Halsey Uses Her YSL Lip Stain
Photo: Getty Images

If you had to choose a part of your body on which to use a Yves Saint Laurent Tatouage Couture Lip Stain, our guess is that you’d probably pick the obvious: your lips. But that’s just because you’re not Halsey.

While we’re sure the singer sometimes uses her YSL lippie in the recommended way, she’s also the creative genius behind this look:

That’s right: in this photo posted yesterday, she decided to wear her lip product as eyeliner; specifically applying it over and away from the lash line to create a winged effect. And, in our humble opinion, it couldn’t look better! It perfectly complements her bright red bralette, and really makes those lashes pop.

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Halsey recently became Beauty Ambassador for the iconic brand, and opted to share product recommendations and custom looks on her Instagram, instead of wearing them in traditional campaign shoots. That way, her 7.5 million followers can learn a thing or two, straight from the source. What’s more, she doesn’t rely on makeup artists to get her fresh and fierce face on in the morning—she prefers to do it herself!

If Halsey can do it, so can you. Next time you pick up your go-to lip product, think about how it can take your look to the next level—on your lips, or elsewhere!