Halsey’s New Neck Tattoo Is Inspired by a ‘90s Anthem

Halsey’s New Neck Tattoo Is Inspired by a ‘90s Anthem
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Halsey has morphed into one of our favorite hair chameleons, rocking everything from cornrows to a platinum blonde pixie. But she’s also racked up an impressive tattoo collection; over 20, to be exact. And this past weekend, she added to her ink repertoire in a pretty ballsy spot.

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The neck is a tricky area for tattoos and frankly, not everyone can pull it off. Size and placement matter; otherwise, it can be distracting in an unattractive way. That’s why we’re particularly enamored with Halsey’s neck tattoo, done by Jon Boy, who is perhaps the most recognizable ink artist in Hollywood.

In addition to the 23-year-old singer, he’s also worked with a who’s who of Tinseltown, including Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner, all while making minimalist designs the must-have trend of the moment. 90’s babies will immediately recognize the phrase “I’m a loser baby” since it’s lifted from one of the most popular songs from that decade: “Loser” by Beck.

The delicate script font and size are garnering tons of praise in Jon Boy’s Instagram comments section, but fans are equally obsessed with the drawings Halsey created for two tattoos on her boyfriend G-Eazy.

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The couple that inks together, stays together…right? Only time will tell.

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