Halsey’s Been Hiding Her Hair Growth Under Wigs for a Year

Halsey’s Been Hiding Her Hair Growth Under Wigs for a Year
Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Yes, even celebrities aren’t immune from the occasional fried-and-dyed botch job. Halsey, who’s spent the majority of her 2018 in a slew of hairstyles that we could barely keep up with, just revealed how she’s been able to switch it up so frequently. As it turns out, she’s been quietly recovering her hair under wigs after leaving it in the hands of an inexperienced colorist last year.

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Over the weekend, the 23-year-old celebrated her progress by proudly flaunted her strands–now back to their natural brown hue–in a stripped down photo via Twitter. The caption, “new growth, new growth; all these fades I outgrew,” perfectly encapsulates this IDGAF part of her grow-out journey, where hair health takes priority over everything else (and we don’t blame her).

For the most part, fans were excited to see the YSL beauty ambassador embracing her real hair on such a large platform. Others couldn’t help but compare her look to famous fictional characters, like Rizzo from Grease and little orphan Annie. And as expected, there were a few who feel her hair actually resembles a wig; a pretty ironic observation given the fact that Halsey’s been hiding her growth under wigs for quite some time.

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As someone who is no stranger to the occasional social media clapback, Halsey took the comments in stride, saying it’s some “f*cked up sh*t” that people would think her real hair is fake after spending so much time on growing it back. Given the never-ending stream of unwarranted comments on social media, it’s always refreshing to see a celeb bypass the hate during such vulnerable moments.

Keep going, Halsey! The grow-out phase is long, but the results are so gratifying.