Halsey Calls Out the Hospitality Industry for Neglecting the Hair-Care Needs of PoC

Halsey Calls Out the Hospitality Industry for Neglecting the Hair-Care Needs of PoC
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With brands like Fenty and Jouer having upwards of 50 foundation shades and providing matching shade charts, it’s easy to be whisked away into a world where the beauty industry is finally taking diversity seriously. And as much as we want to believe it is, Halsey is here to remind you that the scales still aren’t anywhere close to even when it concerns hair-care options.

This week, the “Bad At Love” singer took to Twitter to call out the hospitality industry for failing to provide hotel toiletries that are cognizant of all hair textures. 

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Although it might seem menial or trivial, Halsey— a biracial woman— makes a valid point. The beauty industry has routinely catered to white beauty standards, which means in every industry where beauty plays a role, PoC are not being served properly or even taken into account.

The tweet didn’t go over without pushback, but Halsey wouldn’t let uninformed followers win this one. Responding to the naysayers, she wrote, “Who knew me acknowledging that white hair care products are the national standard (while POC are confined to a tiny aisle) would piss so many people off 🤷🏻‍♀️ not sorry.” And there the truth lies. As a white woman, I can walk into a store and blindly grab for something that will suit my hair, while PoC have to seek out a specific, small location to find what they need— if, indeed, there even is a selection.

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But as Halsey points out, the problem is larger than grocery stores and convenience markets. It’s how an entire industry (or dare we say society) ignores the needs of PoC. Although Halsey herself didn’t give a solution, many commenters took it upon themselves to provide a fix. While some found the solution to reside in the hands of the traveler and buy their own toiletries, Halsey quickly noted how that isn’t always possible. 

On a more practical and beneficial note, some suggested a “pick your toiletry pack” option which would mean the hotel would provide products based on what you decide prior to entering the room.

Although it’s not a perfect solution, it is a step in the right direction. Earlier today, the 23-year-old shut down any rebuttal with her final tweet on the subject. 

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As much as people want to say toiletries suck for everyone and no one uses them, the fact that they only serve white people, or people with non-textured hair, is the problem at hand. Halsey has brought up a poignant topic that needs to be addressed. Hopefully hair-care is next on the docket for beauty diversity.