These Stunning Makeup Ideas Will Instantly Elevate a Basic Witch Halloween Costume

These Stunning Makeup Ideas Will Instantly Elevate a Basic Witch Halloween Costume
Photo: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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Some of us let our freak flag fly year-round. And some of us wait until Halloween to get witchy with it and unleash our most creative, bold selves, with a little evil swag to match. Halloween witch makeup continues to stand the test of time as a staple holiday look, but if green goop all over the face doesn’t strike your fancy, you can still toy with other bewitching beats; like stars for freckles, bat wings for eyeliner, and/or a classic black lipstick.

My favorite aspect of witch makeup is the festive mix of unconventional, standout colors. Whether it’s daring purple eyes, a candy apple red lip, or vibrant green eyelids, each one is a camera-ready take on the dark, sultry vibes we love to embody this time of year.Β  So, even if your version is a last-minute costume that literally must revolve around makeup and a pointy hat, you have plenty of time to practice and be prepared.

Any of these looks are bound to match your style, whether it’s just the right note of sexy and magical without going over the top, or completely outrageous with face paint, appliques, and shimmer to top it all off. Keep scrolling and take your pick.

Queen of the underworld.

How mesmerizing is this teal shadow?!

Red moon witch.

Lavender eyes.

Candy corn cheeks.

I’m green with envy.

Batty eyes.

Witchy freckles.

Smoky eyes.

She hearts you.

The eyes have it.

Glitter cheeks.

Bette Midler?!

The cat whisperer.

Witch with a mermaid twist.

All about the lashes.

Gorgeous in green.

Orange you glad to see this?

A bloody, beautiful mess.

Green witch.

Spider web tears.

I’ve got my eye on you.

Black on black.

Under the stars.