7 Crazy Cool Ways to Upgrade Your Witch Costume This Halloween

Sometimes, it just feels really good to be a little bit bad. And if you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to release your inner evil side, Halloween could be your chance to get a little witchy–literally.

Bewitching Halloween makeup looks have definitely stood the test of time, but if green goop all over your face doesn’t strike your fancy, you can still toy with the classic look, because we found seven crazy cool witch Halloween makeup ideas on Instagram to suit every personality. So, even if this is a last-minute costume that revolves around makeup and a pointy hat, you’ll be prepared.

Is it just us or do this witch’s strong cheekbones remind you of Maleficent, one of Disney’s most cunning villains?

Our favorite aspect of this witch makeup? The festive mix of Halloween colors! Those daring purple eyes, that bold black lip and those vibrant green eyelids create a perfect mix of dark and fun vibes for the perfect Halloween look.

We can’t decide what we like more: those incredible falsies, that epic smokey eye or the super cool scene this beauty painted on her chest. We’re just glad we don’t have to actually make a choice!

This witch (hey, in this context, it’s actually a compliment!) opted for a green face, bold lips, cat eyes and a spider web on one side of her eyes.

Let us present one of our favorite witch makeup looks for Halloween. It strikes just the right note of sexy and magical without going over the top, meaning it’s perfect for the sophisticated gal who doesn’t want to get too costume-y.

Want to win best costume this year? Take notes from this beauty because her green witch makeup is basically perfection. It’s creamy, bright and extends all the way down to her neck and décolletage. Plus the range of color in the rest of her makeup is pretty rad too!

And last but not least, if you’re really looking to get creative and don’t mind looking a bit less than glamorous, try this très impressive look that seriously should win awards. Looking ugly never looked so fabulous to us!