Halloween Witch Makeup Tutorials That Are Truly Terrifying

Augusta Falletta
Halloween Witch Makeup Tutorials That Are Truly Terrifying
Photo: BigKnell/Getty Images

We’re bringing scary back. Yup, even though we love looking cute in our daily lives more than anything else, when it comes to Halloween, we’ll take scary over sexy in a heartbeat. Remember the days when it was more likely you’d see a ghost or a monster at a Halloween party than a sexy nurse or a sexy kitten? We’re resurrecting that time. And we’re starting with some epic witch makeup.

To inspire your own Halloween witch makeup, we’ve pulled together some of the best tutorials from YouTube. Watch the videos, then tell us how you’ll do your witch makeup on Halloween in the comments below.

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The best part about this Halloween witch makeup? It’s all about the contouring, a skill we’ve mastered over the last few years.

Fair warning, this is probably the most terrifying Halloween witch makeup you’ll ever see, complete with gritty teeth and all. Be prepared to add a few fake pieces onto your face for the extra creepy nose and chin!

Want to go full-on prosthetic for your witch makeup? Here’s how to apply a fake nose, plus fake lashes and green makeup for the ultimate Halloween look!

Grab a friend who can go as Dorothy, and paint your face to be the Wicked Witch of the West with this amazing Halloween tutorial!

You don’t need a full face of makeup to be a witch for Halloween. Go with this awesome eye makeup tutorial and skip the makeup hangover on November 1.

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Break out the blending skills for this tutorial, which happens to be one of our favorite Halloween witch makeup looks ever.

You can’t go wrong with green lipstick on Halloween, and this witch makeup incorporates it perfectly!

Up for a challenge? Start practicing this Halloween witch makeup now and you’ll floor all of your friends at the costume party.

Originally posted October 2014. Updated October 2017.