Halloween Nail Inspiration: 10 Looks You Need to Try

Jaclyn Sciara
Halloween Nail Inspiration: 10 Looks You Need to Try
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Whenever a holiday comes around, the first thing on our mind is nails.  It’s just not a great Halloween unless our nails are done to perfection.  We have scoured the internet and found the most fabulous nails that you must try out this holiday.  After all, is there even a holiday if your nails aren’t done for the occasion?

Skeletons, frankensteins, ghosts, pumpkins galore, you name it, we’ve got it. These nails will inspire you to even create Halloween designs of your own!  Be sure to #nailcall and tag @beautyhigh in any posts you post on social media for your chance to have your nails on our website!  Flip through the slides and start thinking up some devilish designs for your nails.

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This is a spooky spin on the classic French manicure.

Image via squarehue.com

These Beetlejuice inspired nails are great for Halloween and should be worn all month long!

Image via Flickr.com

If you want something a little more low-key and subtle, always opt for just a plain orange with gold glitter for a small hint of glam.

Image via polishallthenails.com

Follow these steps to achieve a super cute little skeleton on your nails!

Image via ko-te.com

These frankenstein nails are too cute not to try.  Use a small bristle brush to apply the delicate black details of the faces.

Image via stylebistro.com

If you're feeling more daring try out this mix and match nail art design, the more rhinestones the better.

Image via nailartgallery.nailsmag.com

These nails are like a Halloween optical illusion!

Image via nailsacrylic.blogspot.com

How adorable is the candy corn nail!  Mix and match can allow for you to try out all different types of designs and still rock some awesome nail art.

Image via goldnglam.tumblr.com

These mummy nails will definely be the talk of the night.

Image via nailsalonavarice.com

These nails will keep you staring at your hands all Halloween season long (no pun intended).

Image via shakeshake.blogspot.com

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