Gorgeous Halloween Nail Art You’ll Actually Want to Wear

Alle Connell

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays: between the changing leaves, Jack O’Lanterns and the amazing costumes, we can’t get enough. And the best way to show your status as Queen of Halloween Town as an adult? With fabulous Halloween nail art, of course.

But all too often, scary manicures can come off as juvenile (and let’s face it, no grown woman wants that). But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve rounded up the best Halloween nail art that is—dare we say it?—as stylish as it is spooky. Get ready to get inspired.

This nail art is as sleek and minimalist as it is Halloween-appropriate. We kind of want to wear this nude, black and gold line art every day of the year.


An all-black manicure gets a holiday upgrade with simple skull and cross accent nails. The monochrome color scheme is graphic and chic, which elevates this look from cartoony to impeccably grown up.

These bat-print nail wraps from amazing indie label Espionage Cosmetics ($10, Espionage Cosmetics) are easy to apply, last for ten full days without wearing or chipping at the tips AND come in either multicolors or simple black and white. Simple, stylish and spooky—just the way we like it.


But Halloween isn’t all about the spook factor; we can also get down on some serious candy. These nude-based nails are a perfect way to shout out our eternal love of the sweet stuff.

We all remember Goosebumps—the iconic oozing title WAS our childhood. So why not pay homage to the genius of R.L. Stine with your manicure? Add some green ooze to a single finger for a scary statement, or go all out with every finger if your dexterity allows it.


If you feel like maybe neon green and purple are a little much for you, why not embrace the dripping Halloween theme in shades of rose gold and concrete instead?

But if you want to REALLY go all out to celebrate Halloween, these haunted house-themed nails—featuring a gorgeous day-to-night ombre and glowing windows—could be the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

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