Halloween Nail Art, Plus Kittens: Learn These Designs with a Dose of Cute

Rachel Adler

Halloween gives any beauty junkie the perfect excuse to go crazy with their hair, makeup, and everything in between. When we’re told that we have pretty much free reign to dress up as whoever we want, we tend to get a little bit excited about the possibilities – and then spend the entire month of October debating our costume choices.

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Along with the ever-evolving costume debate there is also a fabulous influx of opportunities to decorate our nails, simply because it’s Halloween season. While many people may be saying that it’s time to tone down nail art, and that simple is “in,” when it comes to Halloween anything goes – and that rings true for the nails as well.

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In this spirit, we teamed up with the Humane Society of NY to pair kittens (because, why not?) with some of the most spooky yet sleek nail art to try out for this Halloween. Click through the slideshow above for tips and tricks to get the looks, and watch out for a fun bonus video of some adorable behind-the-scenes kitty footage later this week!

Special thanks to the Humane Society of NY for donating their kittens to us! All of them are available for adoption here

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