Halloween Nail Art: Get Vampire Fang and Blood Nails to Creep Out Your Friends

Rachel Adler

Halloween is fast approaching, and while you may not have a costume yet (we have tons of halloween ideas for you to DIY, don’t worry!) you definitely have nail art inspiration. But, you’re running out of time to test out the designs, because let’s face it – no one really wants to wear pumpkins, ghosts or fangs on their nails (or anywhere else for that matter) after October. So if you haven’t gotten in the spirit already, it’s about time you do so.

We called upon the genius of nail artist Miss Pop to help us learn how to create these fun and easy vampire fang and blood nails for Halloween. A little bit creepy and a little bit cute (if you’re into that sort of spooky thing) these will be the perfect complement to your costume. Try them out on your own, and then send them into us @BeautyHigh with the hashtag #NailCall to be featured on the site!

Photos by Rolando Robinson

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