Seriously Cool Halloween Makeup Ideas That Will Overshadow a Basic Costume

Seriously Cool Halloween Makeup Ideas That Will Overshadow a Basic Costume
Photo: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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Exactly when did Halloween get to be so high pressure? Back in the day, cooking up a scary monster or pretty fairy princess costume was all about having fun. But somewhere along the way, all of it got stressful. The hair, the clothing, the Halloween makeup ideas—it’s all expected to look super pro. It’s enough to give you flashbacks to how you felt before that super hard biology final the last semester of freshman year. At least, that’s how we feel. And that’s all on top of trying to figure out a cool costume in the first place.

But rather than spend a bajillion dollars on a costume that someone else will inevitably be wearing, why not let your face be the main attraction to your costume? We scrolled (and scrolled) through Instagram to find the coolest, most-inspiring Halloween makeup ideas that are almost totally do-able on yourself at home. Provided you already have an arsenal of beauty products like we do and a little patience. Because while some of these are relatively straightforward, others are intricate enough to be a costume all their own.

But no matter what you do, we can guarantee it’ll be a more interesting than buying another sexy nurse costume. After you’re done taking in all of this stunning inspo, check out Sephora’s scary good October launches or your local drugstore for the hidden gems you’re probably not seeing on the ‘Gram. Between those two places alone, you’ll have everything you need to get ready for that obligatory office Halloween party or handing out candy until supplies run dry.