Halloween Makeup Ideas: Your Guide to the Best Looks

Augusta Falletta
zombie halloween makeup

Photo by Rare Icons

When it comes to figuring out your Halloween costume, finding Halloween makeup ideas is crucial. Whether you want to go as a zombie or ghoul, a princess or a mummy, no costume is complete without the right Halloween makeup. Lucky for you, we’ve pulled ideas from everywhere and put them all in one place. From Halloween hair to easy Halloween nail designs, we’ve got it all here!

Cool Halloween Makeup Ideas That’ll Score You the “Best Costume” Award
From a “face in face” costume to the creepiest of skeletons, here are all of the cool Halloween makeup ideas you need to be known as the girl with the best costume this year.

5 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas That You Can DIY
Whether you go as Elsa from “Frozen” or you take your skills up a notch to dress as Maleficent, these last-minute Halloween costumes are genius (and fun!).

Halloween Eye Makeup: Creepy Looks to Complete Your Costume
Get your tiny eye makeup brushes and sponges out for these part-creepy, part-cool Halloween eye makeup!

Halloween Witch Makeup: Tutorials That Will Scare You
The stand-by costume for women everywhere, who doesn’t want to let out their evil side and be a witch on Halloween? These tutorials tell you exactly how to get the scary look.

Pretty Little Liars” Halloween Makeup
Fans of “Pretty Little Liars” will know exactly where this spooky makeup tutorial comes from. To really freak out your friends, follow the steps in this tutorial!

nails Halloween Makeup Ideas: Your Guide to the Best Looks

Photo by Tiffany Hagler-Geard

Halloween Nail Art, Plus Kittens!
What better way to show off the cutest Halloween nail art looks than with some kittens? This fun editorial is equal parts fun and scary.

Halloween Nail Polish Colors to Complete Your Costume
From neon green to pumpkin orange, your costume won’t be complete without these Halloween nail polish colors.

Cute Halloween Nail Designs: DIY These Monster Manicures at Home
What’s Halloween without a few cute Halloween nail designs? From goblins and ghouls to spider webs and jack-o-lanterns, you can DIY these looks at home!

The Only Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial You Need to Watch
Want your makeup to count as your costume? Go as a zombie by following these steps, then just wear black and tattered clothing on October 31!

Halloween How To: Get the Emoji Look!
This year, the emoji costume is sure to be one of the most popular, but commit to the costume with this insanely good makeup tutorial.