Halloween Cat-Eye Makeup Tutorials That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Catsuit

These days, cat-eyes have become as de rigueur in our makeup rotation as red lips and matte skin, so you could say we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to crafting those flirty flicks of eyeliner. But we’re not about to settle for just any banal cat-eye this Halloween; this year, we’re looking for the Purina Cat Chow of cat-eye makeup to make all our friends green with envy.

Naturally, we did what any makeup-obsessed beauty would do in this case: We sought out the guidance of YouTube gurus. Turns out there is a whole array of amazing Halloween cat-eye makeup tutorials that range from adorable to super sexy. Whether you’re looking for a literal cat eye (you know, one that comes along with a cute little nose and whiskers), a leopard-print cat-eye, or something more traditional, we’ve got you covered. Now the only challenge is deciding which one we’re going to wear this Halloween!

1) Sexy Cat

Meow indeed. Between the glitter shadow, the smoky eye, and the juicy lips, this cat-eye Halloween tutorial from mayratouchofglam definitely achieves a trifecta of sexiness.

2) Lovely in Leopard

Looking to take your cat-eye to the next level? Look no further, because Angela Lanter has the purr-fect way to do so. Hint: It involves a bit of face painting, a lot of attitude, and some sassy spots.

3) Cleopatra Cat-Eye

If you’re not into the stereotypical feline cat-eye, there are plenty of incredibly sexy looks that lend themselves to a badass Halloween costume. Take Cleopatra, for instance. She made the look cool before trends were even a thing, and we adore this colorful version from Vanity’s Makeup.

4) Leopard-Print Eyelids

Yep, you read that right, ladies: leopard-print eyelids. And, no, these aren’t press-ons like those amazing Sally Hansen nail decals or super cool Dior eyeliner stickers we adore so much. This epic leopard-print makeup is hand-painted, and it’s easier to re-create than it looks.

5) The Eyes Have It

Cat-eye makeup calls for real cat-like eyes, don’t you think? This tutorial from BeautyByGabbie showcases just how deliciously sinister you can make your Halloween cat-eye with the help of some colored lenses.

6) Blue Beauty 

Now that we’ve tasted the sweetness of leopard-print eyelids, we’re never going back, but we do have a feeling that we’d like to switch up our colors every once in a while. So we found this gorgeous blue leopard look from TheEmanueleCastelli, and we can’t wait to test it out this Halloween.

7) Cat-Eyes for Days

Whether you decide to transform one of these cat-eyes into a full-on feline look or jazz it up to match your Halloween costume, naturallybellexo‘s wide variety of eyeliner inspiration should get you well on your way to Halloween-makeup-icon status.

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