The Internet Is Divided Over Halle Berry’s Ultra-Short New Hair

Elizabeth Denton
The Internet Is Divided Over Halle Berry’s Ultra-Short New Hair
Photo: AP Images.

As soon as superstar Halle Berry hit the red carpet Sunday evening, I heard the “Oh, No” sound from TikTok start going through my head. Not because she doesn’t look great. But because I knew Berry’s short Oscars hair was going to divide fans. And it has. It seems like everyone on Twitter opened the app to say something about the star, either loving or hating the new chop. Sure, most are on the side of not loving it but even they have to admit, she could wear a plastic bag on her head and still look incredible. It is Halle Berry.

To say reactions are mixed would be an understatement. What I personally love about the look is how it’s not boring. You’re supposed to go a little different for an award show as big as the Oscars. A bob and baby bangs are never going to please everyone but if she showed up with the exact same look she did last award show, we’d all be falling asleep. This is exciting and gives us something to talk about!

Hairstylist Sara Seward is responsible for the look. We’re assuming Berry’s bob is mostly, if not all, a wig but Seward did post a photo showing all the blonde and brown hair cut off and fallen to the floor. “We came to play,” she wrote.

They sure did. Makeup artist Jorge Monroy is responsible for the pretty glam.

Remember that Berry is iconic for her short hair at award shows. Who can forget the pixie cut she rocked when she made history, winning Best Actress back in 2002 for her role in Monster’s Ball? Not us. But folks on Twitter are focusing on this short ‘do.

“…looks like a toddler that cut her own hair with safety scissors,” wrote one fan. “Why is Halle Berry rocking Josh Harnett’s hair from the 2000’s?” said Netlix’s Jarett Wieselman.

Photographer Steven Turner noted that she can pull off any look, writing, “Short hair Halle Berry is always a full serve.”

Another fan wanted her to go even shorter. We all know she can pull it off like no one else.

Wherever you stand on the debate, one thing is for sure: she’s got us talking.

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