The 5 Prettiest Half-Up Half-Down Braids to Wear This Summer

The 5 Prettiest Half-Up Half-Down Braids to Wear This Summer
Photo: ImaxTree

Braids can be a tricky hairstyle to wear. Not because the majority of them require superhuman dexterity and fifteen fingers on one hand, but because the “wrong” style can give you the appearance of either a third-grade school girl or an 82-year-old librarian. Which, hey, no shade at either of them, but it’s not exactly what we’re going for on a Saturday afternoon. And that’s why we’re so obsessed with the half-up, half-down braid for summer.

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Yes, it’s an incredibly specific hairstyle, but it’s one you’re about to see everywhere this month, thanks to its soft, yet refined, finish—basically, the this-ol’-thing? of hairstyles. Plus, it’s a style that works on pretty much every hair type, texture, and length, so you’ve got no reason not to try out all of our favorite tutorials, below, on yourself today. Keep reading (and watching!) to find your new summer style.

half-up half-down braids

Photo: ImaxTree


Soft, Messy, Boho Braids



Cornrow Braided Topknot



Curly, Multi-Layered Braids



Double-Dutch Braids



Voluminous Fishtail Braids


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