The Key to a Great Half-Up Hairstyle

There’s a fine line with half-up hairstyles looking flattering and harsh. Pulling back the hair tightly hardens the facial features and can make the face look wider (which is not always a good thing when you have a round or square face shape). The key to softening the style—add texture. See how Anna Kendrick pulled it off perfectly.

Anna Kendrick

Photo: Getty Images

To copy the soft waves flowing down her back, her stylist kept texture on top. The easiest way to add volume is to pull the hair back loosely and pin in the center. Then rough up the top with pomade on the fingertips, brushing it through the hair.

Another hair booster that will do the trick—dry shampoo. Before pulling the hair back, add texture to the top with a few sprays and then brush it out to add height.

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