News: A New Trend in Selfies; The Best Beauty Memes

Rachel Krause
via YouTube

via YouTube

Makeup-free selfies are just as prevalent on social media as the fully made-up variety, but now makeup lovers have found a way to combine the two. The latest Instagram trend, #ThePowerofMakeup, shows a rapidly growing number of women showing off their true selves both with and without makeup with half-made up faces. [People]

Tyra Banks has long been outspoken on the state of the modeling industry. Yesterday, she took to social media to express her frustration with the above and beyond expectations of young models today. [Us]

These hilarious beauty memes are pretty much the story of our lives. [StyleCaster Beauty]

Birth control is a necessary topic in most women’s lives, and it’s certainly not without controversy, particularly when it comes to the potential side effects of the pill. Here’s the scoop on what you should actually be worried about—and what you really, really shouldn’t. [NY Mag]