Hairstyling Powders You Can Use to Add Texture to Your Hair

Victoria Moorhouse

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You’ve obviously heard of texture sprays (the beach version rules your hair care routine come sweet summertime), but a spritz of dry shampoo or sea salt isn’t the only thing you can use to give your hair a tossable, messy, and super trendy wave. In addition to liquids formulas infused with ingredients to whisk away fly-aways while creating bend, some hair care companies have actually crafted powders to do the same thing. We’re not talking about baby powder either, although that’s a decent alternative when you’re out of dry shampoo and you’re one day over your hair washing routine.

Often, these formula come out of the packaging as powders, but once you rub your hands together, they take on a waxy, almost gel-like hold that allows you to bend your hair and style it as you wish. We’ve rounded up a few for you to look into and check out, below.

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davines texture dust Hairstyling Powders You Can Use to Add Texture to Your Hair

You might be weary to add in a visible powder as opposed to a liquid into your hair, and we get why. One of the most annoying things about even spritzing on dry shampoo is when you forget to blend, leaving your locks with a slightly white coating that everyone can see. This texturizing powder pretty much turns colorless when you work it through your hands and hair, leaving you with a pomade-like texture to finger-style and scrunch through your waves. Davines’ version comes wrapped in patterned packaging and can be used to boost volume and more. It can be sprinkled in or first applied to your hands—that part is up to you—but it’s been known to provide plenty of grip and windblown-type styles.
(Davines Styling Space This Is a Texturizing Dust, $28,

Wax Powder Styling ProductAn entire line dedicated to controlling frizz in humid conditions holds this little bottle of hair product in its family. While this product’s main purpose is to control any fly-aways and frizz that hair invaded portions of your hair, it has a light hold to it, allowing you to create any texture and movement you want. Obviously, since this powder product controls pesky strands, you’ll be wearing a wavy style that is free of static and totally smooth. Isn’t that what the “rich girl hair” trend is all about anyway? When you open up the container, you’ll see that the product is seperated by a little barrier that kind of looks like a salt or pepper shaker. This stops you from pouring way too much of the formula out. Shake the powder into your hands, rub your hands together, and get to work twisting and turning your strands.
(Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Satin Frizz Control and Protect Wax Powder, $7,

bumble bumble Hairstyling Powders You Can Use to Add Texture to Your Hair

Want some volume to a ‘do that’s been touched with too much oil at the roots? That’s this little bottle’s claim to fame. Bumble and bumble crafted an actual powder dry shampoo that also doubles as a styling agent when you want a boost. Because it’s meant to absorb oil (and we all know where that collects) you can just shake it in your hair and then brush with a hairbrush or comb or just rub your hands through to work it into your strands.
(Bumble and bumble Prêt-à-Powder, $27,

the all nighter Hairstyling Powders You Can Use to Add Texture to Your HairAnother dry shampoo and styling combo, The All Nighter will help you in those particular situations but also maybe when you’re just feeling like going for something a little new that doesn’t require you to heat up that curling wand or sneak in a quick shower. It shakes out in a super light white powder, but doesn’t take much to work it in. The formula is free of parabens and aluminum and leaves your hair looking great without feeling coated and dirty.
(The All Nighter Styling Powder, $14,

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