Hairstyles With Bangs: 8 Looks That Make the Cut

Rachel Nussbaum

Rarely do hairstyles prompt as much angst and jealousy as bangs do. If we don’t have them, we need them; when we do have them, we’re doing everything possible to get rid of them. It’s a bit silly, but true–when bangs are good, man, they’re good, but we always seem to forget that what looks amazing on Zooey Deschanel might not necessarily look good on the rest of us. It’s all about the cut, and though some lash-sweeping blunt bangs have made history, there’s no way around it: They can look like a hot mess on us.

Thankfully, these days we’ve got options. Bangs are more of an uphill climb than stroll in the park ( what with the constant trims, etc.), but the destination is definitely worth the journey. We’ve rounded up the best hairstyles with bangs, and from micro bangs to heavy center-parts, the right style can flatter any face.

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