Hairstyles That Hide Split Ends

Megan Segura
Hairstyles That Hide Split Ends
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We've all been there: You're overdue for your six week hair trim, but you can't make the time to stop by the salon. Your next move? You can try split end treatments and serums or you can start camouflaging the damage with the right hairstyles. 

Jessica Alba demonstrates the versatility of a side bun. Not only does it look great in photos, but it hides your dirty little hair secret.

Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older

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No one will know you're suffering from dry split ends when you wear heidi braids like Christina Ricci

How to Supersize Your Hair

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Maybe Malin Akerman just liked the look of a faux bob, or maybe she's guilty of not visiting the stylist's chair often enough. 

Top 15 Blonde Hairstyles

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Sarah Hyland's top knot looks chic, whether she's hiding split ends or not. 

How to Wear Your Hair For the Rest of Summer

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A braid paired with an updo like Julianne Hough's will keep others from suspecting you're hiding hair damage under there. 

How to Fake a Waterfall Braid

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Rachel Bilson's loose low-hanging bun is the perfect go-to style when skipping hair cutting session.

Celebrities Who Regret Cutting Their Hair

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