Real Girls, Cool Hairstyles

Lauren Le Vine

Photo: © L’Oréal

I don’t know about you guys, but every now and then I get seriously bored with my hair. I wear it pretty much in the same style, day in and day out. I’ve tried looking to celebs for inspiration, but red carpet hair right now is either safe and boring, or theatrical and crazy.

No, the hairstyles that elicit an “OMG” reaction from me are usually the ones that I see on the streets–some cool girl walking by me rocking an awesome boho braid, or a chick in the checkout line in front of me with the most perfect sweeping bang ever. It’s times like those when I want to whip out my phone and take a picture of their hairstyle from every angle, so I can look at it later and try it out. Unfortunately, that’s not really an option because it’s kind of creepy and I might get a face-full of pepper spray if I tried it.

L’Oréal shares my love of real girl style. Their new Your Style, Your Studio website wants you to stop looking at the red carpet for inspiration and start looking around you. The site is a user-generated lookbook of cool hairstyles for men and women, uploaded by real people. Anyone can log on and upload pictures of their hairstyle for everyone to see and try out themselves.

You can search hairstyles by the type of style, hair length, products used or even the “personality” of the look (boho, urban, retro, chic, etc.). Hairstyles that fit your criteria will then pop up and you can click on the ones you like, comment on them and find out what products you can use to get the look. The Victorian Updo pictured here definitely caught my eye; I can’t wait to try this one out on myself!

So whether you’re looking for a new look, or you just want to share your own hip hairstyle with the world, check out L’Oréal’s Your Style, Your Studio site and get inspired!