20 Beautiful Hairstyles For Second-Day Hair

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20 Beautiful Hairstyles For Second-Day Hair
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By now we all know that overwashing your hair is practically the worst thing you can do for it—which is why it’s essential that every woman have a retinue of hairstyles for second-day hair in her beauty arsenal. But actually finding cute styles that work best when hair is a little greasy? That can be tricky—or it was until now. We’ve put together 20 can’t-miss styles crucial to ensure a good hair, even when hair is slightly oiler than normal. Get ready to get inspired—and to reach for the dry shampoo.

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A little bit of oil will help you get Zoe Saldana's textured pony. To get the look, gently tease the crown for a bit of height, then pull hair from each side of the face to the back of the head, allowing one section of hair to overlap the other and pin in place with bobby pins. Continue this all the way down the back until all the hair is wrapped into a ponytail shape.

Photo: Jason LaVeris/WireImage

Slightly dirty hair works amazingly well when you're dealing with waves and braids, so try both—like Christa B. Allen. After scrunching texturizing spray through damp hair, part hair down the center and create a small braid at each side of the head.

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty

If you're feeling a bit self conscious about your oily roots, learn from Kirsten Dunst and add a hair accessory like this black ribbon. It covers roots and looks great when paired with a little bit of height at the crown of the head.

Photo: Gregg deGuire/WireImage

Tracee Ellis Ross always looks elegant—and this gorgeous braided style works on both curly and straight hair alike. Simply deep part hair and start two French braids on both sides of the head. Once the braids have reached the back of the head, hair can be gathered into a low chignon. The oils from unwashed hair will prevent any flyaways.

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Diane Kruger knows that a simple chignon can add a lot of glamour to your outfit. You can get a similar style by parting hair down the center, teasing hair at the top of the head, and then creating a low bun at the nape of your neck.

Photo: Mark Sullivan/WireImage
A top knot is the go-to hairstyle for second day hair. Not only does it work better for hair that hasn't been washed, but it's an easy look to pull off. Kristen Wiig gave hers an extra twist by pulling hair into a high ponytail, dividing the pony into two braids and then wrapping the braids around each other.
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If your hair is REALLY greasy—like maybe it's fifth or sixth-day hair—lean into it and comb it straight back, like Arden Cho. Seal with a coat of hair spray, and voila! Simple and chic!

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Bangs like Kerry Washington's pose a challenge when one has slightly greasy hair. Instead of caving and washing your entire head, rinse your bangs in the sink with only a teeny bit of shampoo to refresh them. Blowdry, and voila—an amazing fringe in two minutes!

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One of our favorite things about lived-in hair? It's extra shiny, as Emma Stone demonstrates. Comb yours into a loose side bun for a style that's gorgeous and relaxed.

Photo: Donato Sardella/Getty

If you love messy waves, take Jessica Alba as your style inspiration—and, good news, this actually works better on slightly dirty hair. Dampen your hair with water and spray it with a texturizing spray. Flip hair over and scrunch it upward for beachy waves.

Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty

Another easy style for second-day hair? A loose side-braid like Elizabeth Olsen's. Pull some tendrils out at one side for an even more casual, elegant look.

Photo: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Second-day hair works especially well to create elaborate updos, like Jen Aniston's. Comb your hair back into a mid-height pony, split the tail into two sections and twist them into two small, flat buns. let some pieces stick out as you secure it at the base, and voila! Perfect hair is all yours!

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Part hair down the center and pull it back in a low ponytail for a sleek look like Naomie Harris'.

Photo: Anita Bugge/Getty

Rihanna's big, sexy bun relies on the added texture of unwashed hair for increased volume.

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Ming Na Wen's sleek hair is given a touch of interest with this slightly off-kilter zigzag part—changing up your part always works best on unwashed hair, as you need to use less product to keep the hair in place. Just a little tip from us to you.

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Sometimes, flipping your hair over to the opposite side—like Jessica Pare—helps disguise oily roots. And as a bonus, the natural texture gives hair additional height. Sweet!

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/WireImage

Gina Rodriguez' combed-back ponytail is totally elegant—and honestly couldn't be easier to do, especially when your hair is a tiny bit dirty. Just remember to tease your pony afterwards so that you don't look too much like an oil slick.

Photo: John Shearer/WireImage

Tease second-day hair at the roots for a subtle pompadour like Kate Winslet's.

Photo: Grant Lamos IV/FilmMagic

Kate Bosworth's elegant side braid makes the most of the stick-to-it-ness of unwashed hair—and here's exactly how you can copy this beautiful look!

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And if your hair is super-oily? Hey, it happens. Deep-part it to one side, like Rooney Mara, and slick it sidewise to make the most of your hair's natural hold.

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