The Most Flattering Hairstyles for Long Faces

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The Most Flattering Hairstyles for Long Faces
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If you have an oval or oblong-shaped face, chances are you’ve been told that you have one hair option—long and straight—for most of your life. Though the right cut is the key to balancing out your features, when it comes to hairstyles for long faces, you have way more options than the traditional sleek and mane-like ‘do.

Are you ready for a change? So are we. We chose a few of our favorite long-faced celebrities and got some fantastic steal-their-hairstyle tips from Gary Howse, co-owner and founder of Gary Manuel Salons in Seattle.

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Frame Your Face “Very seldom do people [with long face shapes] look great with their hair pulled all the way back,” says Howse. Instead of slicking all of your hair into a tight ponytail, leave a few soft, face-framing pieces in the front — like Nicole Kidman — to add the illusion of width

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Cut Bangs
Bangs like Christa B. Allen's help break up a long face shape, but be mindful of the length. The most flattering proportions divide the face into thirds, Howse says. A fringe that falls a third of the way down your face will balance your features.

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Avoid Volume on Top
“Don’t make your hair too high,” because it can stretch the look of your face, Howse says. “Keep things flatter on the top.” Rose Byrne's style is perfect for long faces.

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Make a Side Part
A side part like Jennifer Aniston's helps downplay a long face shape by breaking up the symmetry.

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Choose a Short Cut
Short hair can work with long faces, as long as it’s cut correctly. The most flattering look is “not cut completely around the ear, it’s a little bit longer. So even when you tuck it behind the ear, it pushes out a bit and adds just a bit of volume there,” Howse explains. Emma Watson's hairstyle works well for this face shape.


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Lighten Up Your Ends
Use your hair color to your advantage, like Lauren Conrad. “Your eye tends to go wherever [color] starts and ends,” Howse says. Since your eye is drawn to darkness, “having lighter ends helps draw the eye up.”


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Go Curly Curly or wavy texture like Salma Hayek's — basically any shape that adds bulk to the sides — can help a long face look more balanced.

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