4 Foolproof (and Cute!) Hairstyles for Biking

Rachel Krause
4 Foolproof (and Cute!) Hairstyles for Biking
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Biking is one of our favorite activities for the spring and summer—or, you know, whenever the weather is good enough to actually get outside. Not only is it great exercise, but it’s also fun, and an awesome way to get around. The biggest issue, of course, is the infamous (and undesirable) “helmet head.” These 4 hairstyles are super simple and practically impervious to the flattening effects of your helmet, so you can ride on carefree.

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Unless you're starting with a sleek style in the first place, that fluttery wind in your hair (or, um, beneath your helmet) will most definitely serve to muss it up, so why not roll with it? Tousled waves and a carefree side part will only get better as you ride, so by all means, feel free to go for the messy look. If your waves are looking a little lackluster when you head back inside, use a quick spritz of texturizing spray and scrunch with your hands for an instant refresh.

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When slicked with gel, a deep side part is practically impenetrable. On clean or second-day hair, use a rat tail comb to create that super straight part, then tie the rest into a bun or ponytail—your choice! Then use a dab of strong-hold gel to smooth down the front layers, making sure they're tucked firmly behind your ear, and you're good to go.

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Now here's a look that's truly fuss-free: A center part and a ponytail look fresh and polished, and keeping the top of your hair relatively close to your head means it can't be crushed down by a helmet. Just create a middle part using your fingers, then comb your hair straight back to pull into a low but secure ponytail. If you want more texture, go ahead and use your curling wand to make loose waves in the tail of the pony.

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We'll confess that this style is one of our personal favorites for dirty-hair days, but it's also perfect for wearing under a helmet, too. Use gel to smooth down both sides of a center part, tucking each side behind your ear as you go, but keep your hair totally loose from the ears down. It's easy and—dare we say it?—even kind of fancy, for the uptown bike-rider in you. (Is that a thing?)

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