Are You Making One of These Hairstyle Mistakes?

Are You Making One of These Hairstyle Mistakes?
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Is there anything as magical as amazing hair? The right cut and color can literally make you feel like a million bucks—you’re confident, you’re radiant, you’re happy. But get it wrong, and suddenly you feel less than magical—and let’s face it, we’ve all made some serious hairstyle mistakes.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We talked to the professionals to find out the most common hair mistakes that women make—and exactly how to fix them. That’s right, get ready for a whole lot of totally perfect hair days.

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The mistake: The wrong haircut for your hair type.

Your hairstyle needs to work with your hair type, not against it—and if you're spending all your time forcing your lovely locks into a particular style, odds are you may need to rethink it. Celebrity hairstylist Mark Garrison advises, "If your hair won't dry naturally into a complimentary shape or the texture is wrong, you need a cut to reshape it." And the products you need have to be well thought-out, too. "Textured hair needs anti-frizz product, and fine, thin hair needs weightless product."
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The mistake: The wrong hair color for your complexion.

Your hair color should enhance and flatter your complexion, not compete with it. If this describes you, you'll need to "adjust hair tone to compliment your skin tone," Mark Garrison says. But have a professional do it! Pros are trained to spot the color problem and will work with you to make sure you end up with a shade that you love.

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The mistake: Too-obvious roots.

If you're in between colorings and don't want to own it, there are several ways to deal with color grow-out. Mark Garrison recommends styling hair so its not flat to head, wearing a wavy hairstyle or putting hair into an updo. You could also part your hair a different way than usual or try one of the new color wands designed specifically for situations like this.
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The mistake: Product overload.

Hair product overload can happen to the best of us—and nothing makes otherwise gorgeous hair look less glam. "Most dry, frizzy hair needs a serum, oil or cream. Curly hair works well with a curl product that holds but stays flexible—not drying and crunchy," Garrison says. "Experiment with different amounts to see what works best." If hair becomes clumpy and piece-y, you've used too much product. "Fine hair works best with products that dry thoroughly like mousse, gels, root lifters and hair spray."

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The mistake: Waiting too long in between cuts.

We've all skipped a cut (or two)—but going too long without a trim makes hair look dead and uneven at the ends. If you absolutely can't make it to the hairstylist, Mark Garrison suggests curling scraggly locks with a curling iron or hot rollers. You can also use barrettes, clips, headbands or combs to create stylish looks that draw attention away from a neglected cut.
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The mistake: Limp locks.

Even if you've got super-fine hair, there are ways to pump up the volume. First, cut your hair to maximize body—your strands don't need additional weight. Have your stylist cut dead ends, but don't thin them out with a razor or texture shears. "Layers done right can add volume on top," Garrison says,"A blunt bottom is also helpful. Finally, avoid greasy, heavy and oily products.

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The mistake: the wrong part for your face shape.

The right part can revolutionize your face, making you look even more gorgeous than you already are—and although a lot depends on your personal preference, here are some general rules of thumb. People with heart-shaped faces should opt for off-center parts. Square face shapes look best with middle parts; round with side parts (they lengthen the face); and oval face shapes should rock deep side parts, which help shorten the face.

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The mistake: Streaky highlights.

Stripes are for zebras and tigers. If you want the best of both worlds when it comes to your hair color (i.e. both blonde and brunette), there is a way to make your highlights look natural and sun-kissed. To avoid streaks, "Do highlights from underneath so they don't look stripey on top," Mark Garrison advises. "Make sure the tone of your highlights isn't too high-contrast from your base hair color.

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The mistake: The wrong bangs for your face shape.

Finding your perfect bangs makes you look gorgeous, glamorous and instantly updates your look. But wearing the wrong bangs can change the proportions of your face in all the wrong ways Square faces should opt for asymmetrical bangs; heart-shaped faces for razored and side-swept; round faces should go for airy or short bangs to keep the face open; and full bangs balance out oval faces well.


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The mistake: Getting stuck in a rut.

It's really easy to find a hairstyle that works and stick to it. The issue is when that style stops being a signature and starts looking...well, dated. Fortunately, there's an easy way around this. "Find a modern, current style that flatters your bone structure and works with your natural hair texture. This will always look current," Mark Garrison says.

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