Is Your Hairstyle Keeping You From Scoring A Job?

Lauren LeVine
Is Your Hairstyle Keeping You From Scoring A Job?
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Whether you just graduated from college or are looking for a new job, it's pivotal to look polished when meeting potential employers. Interviews are all about first impressions, and if you go into one looking like a mess, it gives the impression that you ARE a mess. We got expert hairstyle tips from Ric Pipino, owner of Pipino 57 - Wella Professionals Flagship to help you land your dream job.

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If you're unemployed or just finishing school, you probably don't have loads of extra money for haircuts. To camouflage unruly ends, Pipino says, "Make sure your hair is always fresh and clean. If your ends are split, a deep conditioning mask will seal them a bit. I would also recommend a sexy chignon or braided bun (like Kirsten Dunst's)--you can hide bad ends this way and still look totally chic."

Try on Kirsten Dunst's hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

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There's a time and a place for a pink mohawk, and that time and place is not an office. "I think self-expression is very important," Pipino says. "However, if you're in a corporate setting, you have to adhere to dress codes. If you want an edgy cut, try a short 'do you can smooth over to look polished or spike up later to look like a rock star." Ginnifer Goodwin's edgy crop is a perfect compromise.

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"Your resume has already sold you [on paper], but now you have to sell yourself in person," Pipino explains. "If you have confidence, it will shine through, but I would always be cautious. A sleek ponytail or a tight bun with bangs are both fashionable ways to play it safe." If you have short hair, Pipino recommends smoothing it to your head for a more polished look.

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We're not suggesting you flirt with your interviewer (seriously...don't). You've probably been told that playing with your hair on a date shows that you're nervous, and it distracts the other person. If you know you're going to fiddle with your hair during an interview, keep it tied back in a ponytail or a bun. Pipino also recommends keeping your hands folded to resist temptation.

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Want to nail your interview? Looking polished is easier than you think. Pipino says that all you need is "Clean hair that looks well-kempt." Whether you decide to wear it blown out--like Jessica Alba's chic, side-parted bob--or pinned back, it should always look like you put effort into styling your locks. This will convey what kind of effort you'll put into your work.

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Unless you're applying to be Ke$ha's assistant, skip the two-day old party hair. The same goes for "messy hair, unkempt hair, greasy hair, stripy highlights and pink mohawks," Pipino advises.

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Curly-haired girls are always asking if they should straighten their locks for job interviews. "That depends on your hair texture," Ric Pipino says. "If you can flat-iron, I believe that conveys a more serious look. However, if you always wear your hair curly, I'd leave it curly. Just make sure the curls aren't unruly and crazy."

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"Make sure your bangs aren't too long or in your eyes--people will want to look into your eyes while they talk to you. I think it's always best to see your stylist before an interview if you can, but don't do any thing drastic, just have a clean-up! Hair accessories are okay, but nothing outrageous. Keep it simple and classic, and you'll look professional." Good luck!

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