You Need to See This Woman’s Botched $300 Hair Dye Job

You Need to See This Woman’s Botched $300 Hair Dye Job
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In other oh-my-god-that’s-my-literal-nightmare news, one poor Australian woman spent nearly $300 on her first-ever professional dye job, only to walk out of the salon hours later with possibly the world’s crappiest striped, spotted, orange-y yellow hair. Oh, and did we mention she got it just hours before boarding a flight for her friend’s wedding? Yup. That, folks, is called a very, very bad hair day.

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According to Daily Mail, the woman, Emily, wrote a frantic Facebook post just after the incident, explaining “I had my hair professionally dyed for the first time yesterday. I paid $260 for ‘balayage’ and this is what I got.” Emily then posted photos of the brassy, bleached, and spotted stripes covering her brunette hair, as if someone had flung bleach at her hair and let it chill for a while. “I leave for a wedding in Vanuatu early tomorrow morning,” she continued in the post. “I need some REAL suggestions on how to fix this. The hairdresser is closed today.”

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Credit: Instagram | @catherine_sheppard_hair

Thankfully, because the world is round and humanity is real, hairstylist Catherine Sheppard of The Mooch Room salon saw the photos and offered to open up her salon—which is closed on Sundays—and fix the woman’s hair before she had to board her flight. “She couldn’t walk around with the mess that it was,” said Sheppard in an interview. “It looked like a blind person had done it—quite literally. It was absolutely hideous.” And if that wasn’t descriptive enough for you, Sheppard continued, saying, “If she’d leaned on the floor and my dog had stepped in bleach, he would have done a better job of it. It was really bad. I’ve never seen anything like it in 31 years.”

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Credit: Instagram | @catherine_sheppard_hair

Yes, this is the stuff of hair nightmares, but luckily, Emily had a happy ending. Sheppard dyed her hair back to an incredibly shiny, glossy amber brown within 30 minutes of seeing the Facebook post, and then refused to accept any money for it. “She is passionate about her work and really wanted to help,” said Emily. “She’s a beautiful, genuine mum.” And a collective “aww” was heard around the world.

The moral of the story: Don’t dye your hair right before a wedding, and especially not hours before heading to the airport, and double-y especially not before Yelping the hell out of your colorist, first. And if something bad happens, publicly post about it on Facebook. To see more photos, of the before-and-after transformation, head to Daily Mail and feel your faith restored in humans.

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