Have Long Hair? Bring These Pics to Your Hairstylist, Stat

Lauren Caruso
Have Long Hair? Bring These Pics to Your Hairstylist, Stat
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We’re not about to suggest anyone with long hair chop it all off for the sake of a season, especially if that season isn’t summer. But just because you’ve got hair down to your waist—or you’re still trying to grow out last year’s lob—doesn’t mean you can’t make a subtle change without sacrificing length.

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Hairstylist DJ Quintero’s advice if you’re bored of the same ol’: Don’t be afraid to go blunt. And that goes for everything: Quintero says bangs—you know, those blunt, straight-across bangs that Ariana Grande debuted a few weeks back—look great with long hair. (Though if you’ve got Alexa Chung–style wisps, don’t worry—those’ll practically never look outdated.)

Not into bangs? No big. To update your look, ask your stylist to cut your uneven layers (don’t even act like you didn’t get a choppy lob last year) into one blunt, even layer. Think Kim K’s newest cut, plus a few inches. The thicker your hair, the more blunt it’ll appear, but even if your strands are Kendall Jenner–thin, don’t worry: You can still get in on the trend. Just know that this cut’s slightly more high-maintenance— you’ll probably have to head in for a trim a little more often to keep any single layer looking, well, like a single layer.

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Ahead, 13 haircuts for long hair to bring to your hairstylist before September.


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Kim Kardashian

Put down the Beachwaver: “That messy, lived-in look is on its way out and something on the straighter, blunter side is in,” says Quintero. Kim’s sleek lob looks like it’s a bit longer in the front than the back, which is flattering for every face shape.

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Jessica Biel

A center part keeps Biel looking tidy, but for anyone that's not Jessica Biel, beware: It could bring attention to any asymmetries in the face.

Photo: Getty Images

Priyanka Chopra

Before you think hair that’s all one length is devoid of all dimension, check out the way Chopra’s part gives her look a layered effect.

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Kendall Jenner 

Scared to go super-blunt? Ask your stylist to add a few face-framing layers to elongate a round face.

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Chrissy Teigen

Teigen’s messy center part keep her loose waves from veering into Victoria’s Secret territory.

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Nina Dobrev

Dobrev is proof that thicker textures can pull off the blunt look, too.

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Who would think some face-framing tendrils would keep Ciara’s bangs from looking juvenile?

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Gigi Hadid

The elder famous Hadid sister’s also on the face-framing train.

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Lily Aldridge

Keep a single blunt layer from looking blah with a few streaks of ombre.

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Olivia Palermo

Does Olivia Palermo ever look bad? Ever?

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Rita Ora

Ora keeps her long, unlayered hair from overwhelming her frame by pushing it behind her ear.

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Jasmine Tookes 

Tookes shows off the single-length look with a side part.

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Rashida Jones 

Rashida's thin hair means blunt bangs will look less so. Paired with a single-layer cut, her style looks fresh instead of juvenile.

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