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I was having a conversation on Facebook the other day with one of my friends about her recent hair color woes. Read on to find out what her color catastrophe was and my advice to her on how to fix it.

Sara Before & After



Hi Jason

I hope things are going well for you! You always seem so happy and positive about life on your Facebook posts, it’s fun to read!

I have a hair color dilemma, just wondering if you could give me your 2 cents. I colored my hair tonight using Clairol’s Perfect 10 5G, which is called Medium Golden Brown, but it looks pretty red. I’m not too happy with it (the redness) and would like to have it look more like Hershey Chocolate Brown. Should I recolor using a different shade of Perfect 10 — and, if so, how long to wait in between colors — or should I just go have it professionally corrected?

My hair is very healthy. This is the first time I’ve colored it in years.


Hi Sara!
It’s not surprising that if you haven’t colored your hair for a while and you chose a golden shade that it looked red to you. It happens all the time where a permanent hair color with a “golden” shade looks really red to someone comparing it to their natural color. In the future, you would probably find a neutral shade more likely to give you the warmth and depth you are looking for.

Before you head to the salon to get it fixed by a pro, try one more step… Pick up a box of Natural Instincts Brass Free – 5C (medium brown) or 6C (light brown). Apply it to damp hair, you will probably only have to use 1/2 the bottle when you comb it through. Leave it on for 8 minutes and rinse it off. Blow dry a section to see if you achieved your desired shade – if you did, great! If you didn’t, repeat the process with the other half of the product for another 8 minutes.

Good Luck!!!!

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