Hair411: Weather or Not, Here I Come


Just because you have no control over the weather, it doesn’t mean you have to have a bad hair day. For example, I was on my way to a party last week with my hair just freshly blown out and because it was raining sideways, my umbrella was not any help. Upon entering the building, I needed a quick glimpse of my hair before going upstairs to the party, so I slipped into the bathroom to see what Mother Nature had done to my locks. Not to my surprise, my straight hair was damp, frizzy, and curly. Mortified to enter a party in that state, I looked in my bag to find a hair band, a few hair pins, a comb, and hairspray (Redken Workforce #9). I had to think fast and get to work.

I thought back to a few months ago to the look that the Cutler team created for the Tadashi 2009 show. It was a slightly messy bun with a side part that still had its glamorous appeal on the runway. A double hair band was added as a final touch.
To get that same look, I combed my hair into a side part (bump-free) low ponytail. I twisted the ponytail (like a unicorn’s horn) then just wrapped it around the hair band. To lock in, I placed hairpins until the bun felt secure. I placed my double hair band to finish off the look.

This is a look that can easily be recreated at home. The secret is products. If your hair is clean, chances are it will be too soft and will not have the texture you need to achieve this look. For Rodney and his team, a staple year after year is the Cutler Straightening Cream, the Cutler Volumizing Spray, and Redken Workforce #9. This is the killer combo.

When you’re in a situation like I was, dig into your bag and be creative! Remember… messy bun, hair band, and extra lipstick.

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